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Catheters for men such as foley catheters, indwelling, and condom catheters are supplied by Best Catheter Supplies.

Catheter supplies are often also termed urinary catheter supplies. These are instruments that are often used post surgery or in case of a severe illness due to which a person is not allowed to rid themselves of urine through natural methods. Therefore, to provide medical aid, catheters are devices that collect and drain urine in catheter bags. There are several types of catheter supplies and they also differ according to gender.

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A Foley catheter, also called an indwelling urinary catheter is widely used to help people drain urine in case of urinary incontinence. The catheter has a small balloon on one side of the tube which actually keeps it in place inside your bladder. Your urinary system prevents bacteria and other pathogens from getting inside your body under normal conditions, but infections are common when you are using a Foley catheter to empty urine outside your body.

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Warning Signs to Watch Out for

Urinary catheters come in different types. An indwelling catheter is one that is placed inside your urethra. The other type of catheter namely condom catheter covers the penis just like a condom. 

You’ll need to make sure that your catheter is working properly to prevent complications. 
Keep a close eye on the catheter tubing and drainage bag and make catheter cleaning a regular part of your cleaning routine. Also, you need to avoid excessive physical activity for at least a week or two after an indwelling catheter is placed inside your bladder.

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Urinary Catheter – What is it?

A urinary catheter is a thin, flexible plastic tube your doctor may place in your bladder to drain urine. The urine from your bladder collects in a plastic bag, which can then be used for laboratory tests to look for infections, muscle breakdown, electrolyte levels and kidney function. 

Urinary catheters come in different types, sizes and materials and your doctor is in a good position to recommend best catheter supplies


What is a Foley Catheter?

A Foley catheter is a tube that is put through your urinary opening into your bladder to drain urine. It is also known as indwelling catheter or bladder catheter. Foley catheters are made of soft rubber and have an inflated balloon at the tip. When catheter needs to be removed, your healthcare provider may deflate the balloon. 

The catheter is inserted through your urethra (the opening through which your bladder empties urine to the outside of your body) into the bladder. To keep the catheter in place, your doctor may secure the tube to your upper thigh or lower abdomen. When used by women, Foley catheters are secured to the thigh. 

A Foley catheter can stay inside your bladder for days or weeks and your doctor will tell you how long you need to use it. 

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